Razer Arctech Pro Case: Does it actually lower the phone temperature?

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Razer Arctech Pro Case

Dismovsin – This case offers everything you could want in a smartphone case. It is durable and comfortable to hold, with a soft finish inside and out to protect your phone. It is thin enough to support wireless charging and even contains a special Thermaphene layer, which is designed to prevent the phone from overheating and at the same time indulge in intense mobile gaming.

In addition to the Razer Phone 2 case I’m reviewing, Razer has also released Arctech Pro for the iPhone 11, which our friends on iMore have well received. Because of that, it leaves me wondering if Razer will look to release Arctech Pro cases for other Android flagships when they see how the company has reportedly moved away from the development of the Razer Phone 3. The design of the Razer Phone 2 is real love or hatred, it’s a matter of and the same can probably be said about the design of the Arctech Pro case. I am firmly in a kind camp for both the phone and the case, and I believe that the unique shape of the Razer Phone 2 is significantly improved by this case. I love the square edges of the Razer Phone, which I consider better than the slippery curves of other flagship phones. Arctech Pro does a great job that complements Razer’s design by mitigating these hard edges without disproving the comfort factor.

There is a nice cutout around the power button with the built-in fingerprint sensor, while the volume buttons are covered, but still retain their ease of use. The case has a nice soft touch finish that really enhances how nice it is to hold this phone for longer gaming meetings, along with ventilated holes that provide a nice texture for the bottom half of the case. I’ve never been a fan of the decision to go with an all-glass backboard for the Razer Phone 2, although I fully understand his reasoning. It was obviously made to suit both wireless charging and the radiant Chroma logo, which are nice features, but for comparison, I much preferred the more robust all-aluminum design of the Razer.

This case completely alleviates any rear window concerns, as the Arctech Pro is thick enough to offer robust fall protection without interfering with wireless charging or covering Chrome. In this respect, it is simply perfect. I also appreciate case manufacturers who have a soft inner liner for their case designs, and that’s what Razer has done here. It is a particularly great accessory for glass phones, as it helps prevent unsightly micro-abrasions over time.

Between the inner lining and the exterior of the case is a layer of Thermaphene, a patented material developed by https://www.driversrazer.com/ that is designed to absorb heat from the phone and dissipate it out and away from the device. Personally, I’ve experienced that the Razer Phone 2 gets pretty hot when playing without the case on, and I know that with standard heat insulation, things can get even hotter. Arctech Pro, which integrates well with the Razer steam chamber cooling system, allows the phone to achieve peak performance without worrying about overheating the device.