The development of 5G technology

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The development of 5G technology

Dismovsin – The development of telecommunications technology is still experiencing very rapid developments. Telecommunications technology has started to evolve since the first generation (1G) in the early 1990’s, and within 20 years it has evolved further into the fourth generation telecommunications technology (4G) that we can enjoy today. Indonesia is currently in the preparation phase to welcome 5G technology in the future.

Based on a survey conducted by APJII (Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association). In 2017, Internet users in Indonesia reached 143.26 million or about 54.68% of all Indonesian citizens, while in 2018 it increased to 171.17 million or about 64.8%. This implies that the Indonesian people used telecommunications technology, especially the internet.

Indonesia is currently lagging behind in implementing 5G technology. Indonesia is currently preparing regulations and frequency spectrum used for the implementation of 5G technology. Countries that have used 5G technology, namely America, Britain, Germany and China. Indonesia is predicted to start expanding its 5G network in 2022 and be ready by 2024.

In this 5G technology, there are five technologies that build a foundation, namely beamforming, millimeter waves, full-duplex bytes, small cell networks and massive MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output). The waves of the millimeter are only about 1 to 100 millimeters in size. These waves can transmit data at high speeds. New lines on the communications highway may appear if the frequency of the waves is higher. The operating system on 5G technology is as usual; data are transmitted by radio waves with their respective frequencies and differences. The following are the benefits of 5G technology:

  • The biggest advantage of this technology is the increased internet connection speed
  • Can communicate between vehicles, this 5G network will be embedded in the vehicle. It is considered necessary for several people or institutions who want to keep a convoy
  • The computer can be controlled remotely. Not only CCTV devices can be controlled with this network, but also computers and laptops can be controlled

Behind all these advantages, 5G technology still has several shortcomings, together with the disadvantages of this 5G technology:

  • The security of this network has not been informed by the decision on how this network is more secure than the previous generation, but it will certainly develop for the better in the future.
  • The network constraint in this technology is due to its very high speed and also the need to go through development phases
  • The cost required to obtain this technology service is very high

For the refinement stage of this generation of assistive technology, there are various things that can be developed with further research, such as the following:

  • Analysis and comparison of the performance of each technology that may support the technology needs in the future
  • Analyze industrial readiness and infrastructure conditions in the application of assistive technology
  • Analyze the pros and cons of each potential technology in the fifth generation, as well as solutions to challenges that face or will face
  • Analysis of regulations that support the application of technology.

This technology is probably still unclear what it will be like because it is still in the development process. Its benefits and uses still cannot be known effectively, only from the first description. However, it can be concluded that this technology will later provide ease and convenience with the use of the internet, seen from its very fast shipping.